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The Pipe is a long, grey cylindrical metal tube, bent on a 90° angle on one end.

Game Information

Pipe can be obtained from an NPC on Bubble Island for ฿500,000.

Attacks (Outdated)

The following information is with 4,125 stat points for Sword.

Base Swing:

  • Without Busoshoku Haki: 2,625 damage
  • With Busoshoku Haki: 4,501 damage

[ X ] Earth Smash (50): The user hits the ground with Pipe, erecting 4 boulders forward, which deal 4,515 damage each without Busoshoku Haki. They deal 5,275 damage each(?) with Busoshoku Haki.

[ Z ] Slasher (0): Launches multiple slashes that deal decent damage to enemies. It can hit 6 times, dealing 765 damage each, making a total of 4,590 damage without Busoshoku Haki. It deals a total of 6,900 damage with Busoshoku Haki, meaning 1,150 damage per hit.


  • Pipe is among the few weapons that can be bought for Beli in King Legacy.
  • Although Pipe's moves may not be visually impressive, it deals decent damage.
  • Pipe is a reference to the weapon used by Sabo, the Revolutionary Army's Chief of Staff from One Piece.