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Information and how to obtain

The Nikyu-Nikyu no Mi translates to the Paw-Paw Fruit. It's a Paramecia type fruit that gives the user paws on their hand. These paws can repel any physical force. In the anime, this fruit is used by Bartholomew Kuma, an ex-Warlord of the sea and slave to the Celestial Dragons. In game, the fruit can be obtained by finding it, buying it from the Black Market for $600,000 and 1 gem, or from Gacha.


The Paw-Paw fruit is a good fruit for beginners. It deals decent damage, has a useful ability for running away from high level players, has low cool down times, and has a low price.

Moves (4125 stats)

Z: Shot (0)-

The user lifts their right arm and throws a projectile. This projectile is a glowing paw that travels very fast. The paw is small and when it hits an enemy or a surface, it explodes. This move can be held. The speed is very fast. The paw deals 4,150 damage and has a refresh of 3-4 seconds.

X: Paw Barrage (25)-

The user rapidly release 8 paws from both hands . These paws are identical to the ones from the first attack, only they each deal less damage per hit. This move can be held like every other attack to keep the user suspended. The user fires 8 paws, each paw dealing 1,670 damage, making a total of 13,520 damage. The refresh is 5-6 seconds.

C: Red Paw (50)-

The user fires in total of 14 paws, each deal 1,230 damage in total of 17,500 damage. It's a hold attack and has a refresh of 6-7 seconds.

V: Strike (75)-

The player charges a massive paw and release it. This move can be held. The paw deals 8,270 damage to anyone inside, and has a refresh of 9-10 seconds.