Information you should stick to the boss quest so it takes a short time to get to the next boss quest and keep doing that.

First sea all islands

Landmarks at each island

First Sea

0+ Loguetown/Start Island

50+ Orange Town/Pirate Island

  • Has a map with the islands near the boat seller.

100+ Shells Town/Soldier Island

180+ Arlong Park/Shark Island

250+ Baratie/Chef Ship

400+ Drum Island/Snow Kingdom

500+ Rocks Island

525+ Alabasta/Sand Kingdom

800+ Skypiea/Sky Island

1,000+ Sabaody Archipelago/Bubble Island

1,250+ Enies Lobby/Lobby Island

  • Devil Fruit Remover (Mysterious Wizard)

1,500+ Thriller Bark/Zombie Island

  • Shadow master has a chance of dropping the orb required to summon the raid boss Oars. Oars drops Big Mom sword it also has a 15% chance (you can get it when it's red)

1750+ Marineford/War Island

2000+ Fishland/

3000+ Stone Arena

Second Sea Map

Second sea

to access the second Sea you must first go to Fishman Island and kill the Seasoned Fishman has a chance to drop a map and the fish man soldiers also has a chance to drop a map (rarity is common). Once you get this map you go to War Island where you can find a quest to locate a map for 100k Beli and 150k experience. Once you give the map you'll be told to find the Elite Pirate who is located behind a secret wall at Start Island which is located nearby the snake quest. He'll teleport you to the second sea where then you can set spawn.

Note- You don't have to take the quest to kill the Seasoned Fishman for the map, You should at least be level 1500 before trying to enter Second Sea.
Also once you give him you don't need to do the quest again, once you give it to the Elite man and you die you don't need to get the map again

The location of map quest

Where the secret wall to the Elite Pirate is (go side ways)

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