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HIII Islands are the most prominent areas in the game. All swords, Devil Fruits, fighting styles, and quests can be found on islands. Islands are also based on their respective areas from One Piece.

First Sea

0+ Start Island

Starter island.png

50+ Orange Town/Pirate Island

Pirate island.png

100+ Shells Town/Soldier Island

Soldier island.png

180+ Arlong Park/Shark Island

Shark island.png

250+ Baratie/Chef Ship

Chef ship.png

400+ Drum Island/Snow Kingdom

Snow kingdom.png

500+ Rocks Island

525+ Alabasta/Sand Kingdom

Sand kingdom.png

800+ Skypiea/Sky Island

Sky island.png

1,000+ Sabaody Archipelago/Bubble Island

Bubble island.png

1,250+ Enies Lobby/Lobby Island

Lobby island.png

1,500+ Thriller Bark/Zombie Island

Zombie island.png
  • Quest on Zombie Island
  • Set Spawn
  • Sailor
  • Shadow Master has a chance of dropping the orb required to summon the raid boss Oars. Oars drops Mom Blade it also has a 15% chance (you can get it when it's red)

1750+ Marineford/War Island

War island.png

2000+ Fishland/Fishman Village


3000+ Stone Arena

Second Sea

Updated Map Second.png

2250+ Floresco

2300+ Fons Land

2400+ Hibernus Land

2700+ Carcer

2850+ Torrefacio

2950+ Viridians

3025+ Skull Island/Onigashima

Skull Island

3100+ Dead Tundra

Dead Tundra Island

3200+ Loaf Island

3300+ Shred Endangering