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The King Samurai (Otherwise known as Oden) is a Level 3500 raid boss NPC. He spawns every 2-3 hours, inside the castle of the Floresco Town (Flower Capital), which is located on top of a mountain. When the King Samurai spawns, red letters saying the following words will appear in the chat: "Strongest Samurai is back...!". This boss can only spawn in the New World (Second Sea).

This is what King Samurai looks like.

King Samurai drops 2 million EXP, 500k Beli, and 5 Gems when killed. There is also a 50% chance of him dropping the Hell Sword (Enma) and a 15% chance of him dropping Muramasa. (You have to do at least 10% worth of damage to the boss in order to get the drops).

The King Samurai wields two swords: the Hell Sword (Enma) and Muramasa, players can get both swords.

He has 2 phases : In phase 1 he uses both moves of Hell Sword and once he dies, he revives back with full hp and enters phase 2. In phase 2, he uses both awakened moves of Muramasa and is always in fury mode.

This is where King Samurai spawns.


  • It is recommended to use long range attacks due to the fact that his slash moves break your Ken instantly.
  • Try to always ally people when fighting the King Samurai. It'll be annoying if you didn't and it does not ruin your drop rates.
  • You can use all of your close-ranged attacks by striking right after King Samurai does his slash attacks.
  • Stay off the ground as much as possible because the King Samurai is really fast (though this can be countered with stunning attacks).
  • You should constantly heal with Phoenix or Cyborg (He does a lot of damage).
  • If possible, set a timer to know when King Samurai will spawn (it only depends on server time).
  • Try to trap King Samurai inside the building, so you can hit him from the outside.
  • Remember to always use Kenbushunko Haki (Observation Haki).