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The Ice-Ice Fruit is a great choice for beginners and for anyone who wants to grind. It's affordable for most players and costs no gems. It freezes enemies which is a very useful ability for sword users, it has low refreshes and deals fairly good damage. Since it's a Logia type fruit the user can't be hit by lower level NPCs, which is a huge's good to stop the quake v move. It also grants the user the ability to walk on water which removes the need for a boat. Overall, this fruit is a good choice for starters. This fruit also has very low cast time on certain skills which makes it really good for doing combos in PvP.

This fruit has an awakening.

Moves (Dev. 4125)

Passive: Walking on water

A special ability this fruit grants the player to be able to walk on water. Blue ice tiles form under the users feet when walking on water and will prevent the user from falling into the water. Before the revamp, this can sometimes get glitchy, and if the player gets stuck under the ice tiles it can get hard to escape, or when entering a boat the tiles will form under it. This has been fixed in the new update.

The player fires a bird made of ice. The bird is medium sized, and flies straight with a bird cry sound and leaving an ice trail behind. When the bird hits an enemy or surface, it freezes them and will leave a crater made of ice behind. The bird will disappear when it reaches a certain distance (about 50 studs). If the bird hits a body of water it will create a considerably large ice platform that other people can stand on. It can be held to keep the user suspended. The range of this move is fairly long, but due to it's speed hitting moving players may be difficult. This single bird does 6,210 damage and has a refresh of 6 seconds.. it can freeze Quake's Double Wave.


The user rapidly fires ice shards. These shards follow the users cursor as they fly and they move fairly fast. The shards suspends the enemies when they hit. This move can also be held to keep the user suspended. The range is close, so hitting enemies from afar isn't an option. Each of these shards deal 827 damage per hit for a total of 21,502 damage if all 26 shards hit. The move’s refresh is 8-9 seconds.

The user will stomp the ground and create spikes made of ice. These spikes travel forward instantly and will damage anything close or in them, also giving them the freeze effect. This move can be held to keep the user floating, though if used too far away from the ground nothing will happen. The spikes can be aimed in any direction as long as the player is on or close to the ground. The ice spike hits 2 times, dealing 5,360 damage each, making a total of 10,720 damage. The refresh is 7 seconds.

Ice Spike.gif

The user stomps the ground with their left foot and creates an ice pool underneath it. The ground gets covered with ice which has a big AoE, damaging anyone in it. If it's used too far away from the ground it will have no effect, although the move can be used in the air to suspend the user. This will also freeze enemies that get hit for around 2 seconds. It deals 9,480 damage, which is not much for the last attack but good for stunning. It has a refresh of 12-13 seconds.

Ice floor.gif

The user creates a ice walkaway that will make the user go relatively quick. The path can go anywhere easily. It doesn't deal any damage and has a refresh of 6 seconds.

Ice surrf.gif

Ice Awakened (Max stats:4250)

This fruit has an awakening. This is the move set:

Z: King Glacier (25 gems)

This move does 11300 damage. It casts a cheetah which runs and creates ice under it's feet, when it hit an object it creates a ice spike. This move can also create a ice platform on the sea. This move stuns.

X: Ice Shard (75 gems)

This move casts 10 ice shards which deal 22693 damage if all the shards hit. This move stuns

C: Ice Eruption (125 gems)

This move creates a huge ice spike and stuns the enemy for a few seconds. The damage can vary between 9017 or 18034, depending on the amount of times the move hits.

V: Bothynus (250 gems)

This move is an AoE based move, the user shoots some ice spears in the air and when they hit the ground they damage the opponent and then it creates a huge ice type platform (kinda looks like a frozen oreo). The damage can vary depending on the amount of times the ice spears hit. The damage is somewhere between 20-40k.

E: Avis (175 gems)

This is a flight move, it is a ice pigeon which can fly on the air, The user rides on it, when near water it creates ice under it.


  • Ice Pigeon's refresh is shorter than the amount of time the ice pigeon platform stays after you hit a body of water, which means you can infinitely provide a platform for your party and crew members to heal on

the size of the ice platform

  • This fruit can freeze Gura Gura No Mi's V move (but not the awakened skill) just like in the anime.


  • You can walk on water which makes it good for doing sea kings as you can stay away from the sea king in case your boat gets destroyed.
  • Great stuns
  • Good damage
  • Fun for annoying people
  • Good to travel fast
  • Ice Pigeon is able to freeze Quake's Double Wave