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Raid, also known as Arena mode, is a game mode that you can enter with up to 5 other players to fight enemies inside an arena. The arena will release a total of 30 waves, each has a different set of enemies.

Defeating all 30 waves of enemies will grant you 1 million beli in both modes ,i 5 gems in Easy Mode and 15 gems in Normal mode

You generally should not attempt:

  • Easy Mode Raid until you're around level 1,000 or higher, unless you have a max level player "carrying" you through the waves.
  • Normal Mode Raid unless you have a Quake Awakened User and/or are maxed out or have third for gum fruit.
  • Suggested fruits for Normal Mode Raid: All legendaries (Phoenix not recomended) And awakened fruits

If you die don’t leave, you will still claim the rewards if the other player beats it.

When you get the rewards in golden arena, don’t leave until it saves your rewards.

You can also earn Gems for

- Kill Boss (10%) drop 1 Gem

- Kill Mob (0.5%) drop 1 Gem
(Raids Only)

How to enter the Golden arena

First Sea

Inside of Justice Tower (middle building with red roof)

Second Sea


There's a lot of ways to fight the Arena Mode. But these are just the community suggestions.

A nice way to finish a raid fast is by first jumping up high when the raid starts then, hold your strongest move and then land it on the npcs, just repeat this technique for raid NPCs. If its a boss then first try to stun the boss (also use ken haki) then just spam EVERY move you have on the boss and when the stun time is over just dodge all of the attacks until you can stun the boss again. If its Bella then i recommend to use ken haki but Bella is wave 10 boss which is not very hard to defeat. I have done this countless amounts of times carrying many noobs and getting a lot of gems and beli.

P.S: This only works for the Easy Mode in the Arena. I’m not sure if it works in the normal mode

Also, when bosses spawn just activate Ken Haki, equip your sword and start swinging the sword around the boss. I recommend just circling the boss while swinging as the the boss would not be able to hit you with its M1 very easily. You can also use some moves from your sword and fruit.

Suggested Devil Fruits

Suggested Fighting Style

  • Cyborg is best because of its health regeneration ability "Self Repair" for Normal Mode.
  • Fishman Karate is also recommended due to the high AoE for Easy Mode to maximize damage output.
  • Dark leg is recommended to people who don't have a flight fruit or many sky jumps.

Suggested Swords

  • Saber - Does massive damage and can finish groups of NPCs, but very limited range.
  • Dark Blade - Great damage and low cooldowns. This is highly recommended.
  • Enma - Does good damage, has low cool downs and large AoE.
  • Acroscythe - Best for raids, since with the lifesteal you can easily solo a normal raid.
  • Authentic Triple Katana - good DPS with your sword clicks, you can spam sword clicks against bosses
  • Sweet Lozenge - its moves deal good dmg and can be also used for teleporting if soru is still in cooldown


  • At the start of a raid, make sure to turn on your :
  • if you're serious about the raids, make a plan so your team knows what to do, people do that and it is worth the plan
  • Try to group up the enemies and dump attacks on them to get the most damage possible.
    • Most efficient way to do this is by jumping (4 sky jump) or fly up then hold a move and get everything under you to do massive damage to everything.
      • By doing this, you can also avoid getting hit by enemies and regenerate health.
  • Prioritize ranged enemies, they will ignore your Kenbunshoku Haki and deal a large amount of damage if you don't kill them since they cant miss their shots.
    • Having a High HP stat is a necessary since snipers alone will deal 700 damage per bullet each in the later rounds, and melee fighters will group up and swing at the same time which multiplies damage.
    • Similar to having a high HP stat having high offensive in either sword or devil fruit is also required since bosses and NPCs have massive amounts of HP.
  • Soru is required for long range movement.
  • Bosses have a red area that indicates where they'll attack next, make sure to get out of the red area before it's too late.
  • Some enemies have the ability to use Soru, which they can use to hit you even if you run away.
  • If you die, don't quit. Because if the other players finish wave 30, even if you died, you will receive end rewards.
  • If you want to do normal raid, if you cannot win and you know it ( like you dont have acroscythe and a really powerful fruit) , you can get a full party of 6/6 and even if they are weak you guys can speedrun it in 30 to 40 minutes. ( Me and a bunch of powerful people just speedrun it in 15-20 min XD)

This is the Wave 5 boss. .

{{#tag:tabber|Wave 5= This boss is pretty easy to defeat, just stay away from him and use ranged attacks. He deals about 1000 dmg per hit and his only special attack is soru/ teleport near you.

This is the Wave 10 boss, Bella. He is a reference to the One Piece character Bellamy.( Can't use because of copyright issue)

This is one of the wave 15 bosses alongside King. He is also a reference to the One Piece character Bartolomeo.( Can't use because of copyright issue)

|-|Wave 10=

King man

He spawns on wave 10, he only has one attack which is a spring jump that does around 5,000 damage. He can jump to you from anywhere in the arena. He also spawns alongside Captain String in wave 30.

|-|Wave 15=

Green Hair Man is the second boss alongside King that you fight. He has the Barrier-Barrier fruit, which gives him the same abilities the Barrier fruit has. He doesn't use the trap ability or the stair ability, but he uses it's other powers like the push and the smack floor. He has medium hp, and is normal sized so he can be trapped. Overall he's annoying due to his practically non existent attack refresh but he doesn't do too much damage so he's not that difficult to defeat.

This is one of the Wave 15 bosses alongside Green Hair Man. He is also a reference to the One Piece character Elizabello II.( Can't use because of copyright issue)

King Man is accompanied with green hair man in wave 15. King man has more health then Green Hair Man, and not only that but his attack is devastating. King Man only has one attack, and there's a good amount of time before he throws it. He flares up (literally), and punches forward with a massive area of effect. The attack itself does around 14,000 damage, which can easily one shot people or cripple a max level player. He moves very slowly, and since hes bigger then a regular enemy you can't trap him. (note) They can damage each other, you can use this to your advantage by baiting king man to use his attack and damaging green hair man yet it won't deal a lot of damage. Another good advantage is to use his speed, You can hit him with a sword from a meter away and he won't be able to hit you. His cooldown of his punch refers to King punch of Elizabello II from the anime since King punch needs high charge.

This is the Wave 19 boss.He is also reference to the One Piece character Hajrudin.( Can't use because of copyright issue)

This is the Wave 20 boss, Drill Headman. He is also a reference to the One Piece character Don Chinjao.( Can't use because of copyright issue)

This is the Wave 25 boss, Inferno Man. He is a direct reference to the One Piece character Sabo, ( Can't use because of copyright issue)

|-|Wave 19= Giant Fighter The boss that spawns on wave 19. He's a giant that you fight shortly before Drill Headman, he only has one attack where he kicks the ground and deals 17,000 damage. If you get too close to his hit-box he can also hit you with his fist, but it deals minor damage. Overall not too difficult to defeat, he just has a massive amount of health. warning if you kill him while you are stunned in hao you will be stunned in it for rest of the time till you die though you can use sword attack and start dashing around, Preferred to use ken when fighting against him due to ken being able to dodge his kick. A good strat to use with him is to make sure he stomps the gunners. (The Giant Fighter is holding a sword in his right hand if you look closely)

|-|Wave 20= Drill Headman has conqueror's Haki, which stuns you for 3 seconds. It only works in close range, so to avoid it keep your distance. He has a dash attack that deals 16,000 damage. He is also very slow allowing you to be able to use ken and hit him with a sword from a small distance while he is slowly trying to chase you, He is a easy boss if you know what his attacks are.

|-|Wave 25=

Inferno Man has almost all the abilities of the Flame-Flame Fruit, and is the most difficult to defeat out of every Boss. He does massive damage, but is normal sized so you can trap him. A easier way to kill him is to run when you see the red circle and come back in when the attack happens.

Fun Fact:

You can glitch him so that he cannot attack you and your teammates (he can still damage you by punching).

This is the Wave 30 boss, Captain String. He is also a reference to the One Piece character Donquixote Doflamingo.( Can't use because of copyright issue)

|-| Final Wave= The last boss is Captain String. He has a massive amount of hp, around the same as the Oars raid boss. He has two attacks, a string laser with medium range, that does around 4,000 damage. His second is a close range attack which is a multicolored string slash that also does around 2,000 damage. He shoots his string laser every 4 seconds, and shows the read indicator before he attacks. Since he is normal sized, you can trap him. He's the most time consuming to defeat out of the 6 bosses. A perfect strat is to go behind the fences and spam your attacks while dodging his String laser (note the fences cannot trap npc or player anymore), an alternative strategy is to keep him at a distance where your attacks can hit and keep moving to dodge his string laser, if a teammate died try to lure the captain string near the location he/she died, he would shoot the ghost instead of you. Its also recommended to kill all other enemies in the wave before starting him because the other enemies (especially Bella) can keep making you lose your Ken and you may die to Cap String.

After defeating this boss you will get 1 Million Beli and 5 Gems (Not that you get from defeating him directly also you might not get reward if something else spawned in wave 30 is still alive.) (The reward is from the raid finishing not him).

|-|Normal Wave Bosses

Wave 30