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Information and how to obtain

Electro is a fighting style that is located in the Second Sea in Hibernus Land. It costs 3,500,000 Beli , so long as the user has access to the Second Sea The user can buy it (lvl 2250+ required)and has enough money to pay or already have bought it. It is the most expensive fighting style

Electro is the only fighting that has special effect on the user's fists, producing electricity when held.

(Outdated Stat) Move Set

Please note that the following stats are provided with the Melee stat (4,000).

The base swing of Electro is 3,601 damage with Busoshoku Haki and 2,801 damage without. Please note that while the base swing damage is low compared to swords, Electro has the fastest base click of any fighting style or sword. Because of this, the low damage is mostly made up for when it punches at two times the regular speed. The punch also has a unique effect as when the user punches it creates a shockwave circle that moves backward and gets bigger then disappears.

Z: Electro Shock (0)-

The player creates a wide electric shock in front of them. The electric shock itself stuns anything caught in it and stuns the user as it goes off. It can be held to keep the user suspended in the air and lasts for 2 seconds. The hit-box of the move is fairly large and is a bit bigger than the visual of the attack. Electro-Shock hits 12 times, each hit dealing 1,015 damage with Busoshoku Haki and 815 without, totaling 12,180 damage and 9,780 damage respectively. The refresh is 5 seconds, and starts after the move is done.

Electro's first move.

X: Flash Kick (150)-

The user leaps into the air where the cursor is pointed and slams the ground creating electricity that sprouts from the ground. The user stuns themselves as the move goes off, and will also stun anything that's caught in the attack. This cannot be used to keep the user suspended in the air, as the move will goof upon pressing the key for it immediately. The duration of the move is 3 seconds. While it does work in the air, it is very difficult to hit much of anything with it in air combat. The decent range of this move doesn't help with that. Flash Kick hits 11 times, each hit doing 1,230 damage with Haki and 1,030 damage without Haki, totaling 13,530 damage and 11,330 damage respectively. The refresh is 8 seconds and starts after the move is done

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C: Electro Dash (300)-

The user assumes a stance on fours like an animal getting ready to strike, then dashes forward where ever the cursor is pointing, damaging anyone in the way. This is a single attack and deals a great amount of damage, but requires good aim and can be countered with Kenbunshoku Haki. This is a great mobility move to get closer, run away, or get to higher places though. This move deals 10,690 damage to Haki. The refresh for this move is 11 seconds.

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V: Electro Zone (500)-

The user jumps into the air and slams on the ground right back where they were, creating electricity that sprouts from the ground and big AOE damage. This move is like Flash Kick but bigger, and also dealing less damage with a larger attack range. It will also stun anything caught in the attack and can also not be held as it is activated instantly when the key is pressed. The attack lasts for 2 seconds and then refresh is 14 seconds which starts after the move is completed. This attack hits 12 times with each attack doing? damage and It deals 11,990 damage in total with Haki.

Total damage: 47,520

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