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Bisento is a sword that is obtained in the First Sea (Paradise/Old Word) and is a drop. It is dropped by Quake Woman on War Island and has a 5% drop chance. This weapon is a direct reference to Whitebeard’s weapon, Murakumogiri. Note that this weapon is separate from the Quake-Quake Fruit and will function with or without it.


The following information is provided with max sword stats (4,125).

The base swing of this weapon is 4,801 damage with Busoshoku Haki and 4,001 damage without Haki.

The user draws back their sword and charges a tremor, and then smacks the floor, releasing the tremor ball. This creates a crater on the ground with cracks in it, which are the ones normally created by the Quake-Quake fruit. Anything within the crater will get damaged, and will also be sent upwards a little bit. This move can only be held for 5 seconds before it automatically releases, so don't use this to stay suspended in the air. The duration of the move is 1 second. Quake ball deals 9,625 damage with Haki and has a refresh of 5 seconds.

What the quake ball looks like when held.

This is the crater that this move creates.

The player pulls back their sword and charges a quake ball, and when released throws a quake ball in the direction of the cursor. This quake ball travels fairly fast and will damage anything in its way, and also leaves destroyed ground as it drags across the floor. This attack also leaves cracks in the air which are present in all of quake fruits attacks. The range of this move is also good, and it can only be held for 5 seconds so don't use this to stay suspended in the air. The attack lasts for 1 second. Quake smack deals 8,830 damage with Haki and has a refresh of 6 seconds. Note that if an NPC or player is too close to the move when used, the quake ball will go through them and not deal damage. Use this move from a small distance to ensure that the quake ball doesn't faze through your target.

This is what the move looks like once released.


  • Bisento is the longest weapon among the 17 weapons in King Legacy.
  • Bisento is dropped by a gender-swapped version of Edward Newgate from One Piece. This may be in order to avoid copyright issues for King Legacy.
  • In the anime, the Bisento was originally called the Murakumogiri, one of the 12 Supreme Grade Blades, thereby making it one of the strongest blades in the One Piece world.
  • This is basically as if Bisento ate the Gura Gura no Mi. The Bisento has two moves that are fairly like Quake's moves, that being Bisento's Z for Quake's X, and Bisento's X for Quake's Z.
  • This sword is good at grinding reccomended for level 500+