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Awakening Raid Boss

The Awakening Boss is a boss that you must fight if you wish to awaken a fruit. The boss is found during the awakening process in the awakening world, a world that is flat and the ground it a flowing water texture.

  • The boss :
    • Has 1 million health. (For magma 2 million, and ice 1.5 million)
    • Looks exactly like you (execpt the fact the the boss uses R6 avatar instead of R15).
    • Uses awakened attacks of your current fruit.
    • Is hard to defeat.
    • Cannot be fought by multiple people, thus you must challenge it alone.

Currently, the only fruits that can be awakened are Venom, Gravity, Bomb, Magma, Ice, and Quake so if you are familiar with the moveset this will be easier.


Swords recommend to use while fighting the boss:

When Fighting:

  • Gravity Awaken Boss: Try not to stay far away as possible, since the movesets are at mid-short range (exclude B). After the boss used a move spam moves then.
  • Venom Awaken Boss: DO NOT try to get close to the boss, since some moves have autoaim + full ken breaks, so the vaild option here is to air camp.
  • Bomb Awaken Boss: STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE, as the awakening B can 1 shot you without Ken. Other moves don't breaks ken (usually 1 - 2 hits) but still does very high damage.
  • Quake Awaken Boss: NEVER get on the land, as almost all of the movesets are OP, always stay at the air or the boss will wipe you. Or you can wait for the boss to stop targeting you, and spam v until the boss is dead (you can use a long range sword like pheonix blade too)
  • Magma Awaken Boss: Aircamp, don't get blinded by the moves and just focus atacking, While casting Magma Meteors,Make sure to get up in the air,or you're vulnerable.
  • Ice Raid Boss: KEEP moving around at the air,avoid getting stunned or you'll die. Freeze the bods to continously attack it till it's dead.

Don't use fighting styles to fight the boss, only use Dark Leg or Cyborg to support you. Authentic Triple Katana can be a bit risky too considering you have to go near the boss to use the Winding Blade move.

There is one more easy way to defeat the boss, use authentic mace. Just spam Z and X move, they have good range, dmg and almost no end lag. (This heavily recommended for the venom awakening boss)